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supports companies in the definition and implementation of their climate strategy

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Coherence provides customized services that complement each other and are organized based on your needs and your progress in your low-carbon transition.

Carbon Footprint

As an essential step in your climate strategy, your organization carbon footprint provides a complete vision of your climate impact and allows you to identify your most relevant levers of action.

Carbon Strategy

In order to effectively achieve a significant reduction in your emissions and anchor your activity in a sustainable development, Coherence supports you in the design of your strategy and the implementation of your action plan.

Workshops - Trainings

Because a coherent strategy starts with a good understanding of climate crisis, our workshops and training courses raise awareness among your teams or any of your stakeholders, inspiring them to take concrete action.



My name is Nadège Vanhoutte.  An engineer by training, I spent the first 20 years of my career in large international industrial companies.


Convinced of the essential lever that companies constitute in the ecological transition and driven by a deep environmental commitment, I created Coherence, a support structure for organizations wishing to contribute effectively to the mitigation of climate change.

My approach is scientific and pragmatic.  I favor personalized support, adapted to the reality of your organization and aligned with the needs of our future net-zero world.

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